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Have you heard of One-Page Training?

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Even if you’re not familiar with the «one-page» concept, you’ve definitely come into contact with it and likely even experienced its benefits in terms of simplicity and power of synthesis. From sites that feature continuous scrolling to complex strategic plans condensed into a single slide, the possibilities are endless. 

Guided by the basic principles of design thinking and UX (user experience – how a user interacts with a particular product), this approach of using a single page to transmit information, present content and engage the audience is becoming more and more popular.

The Learning & Development segment is inherently well positioned to use the one-page concept and take full advantage of its potential in terms of language, user experience and results. It is with these goals in mind that the experts at Spin develop One-Page Training for clients.

In practice, One-Page Training creates a very fluid and natural learning experience, establishing an immediate parallel between the way users consume certain training content and the way they navigate social networks, for example. By creating a digital training environment where users interact the same way they navigate through a timeline (continuous scrolling), the learning curve tends to be faster and the content more easily absorbed.

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